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Review by Holly Johnson, The Oregonian

"...The folks at Post5 make a mission of creating fresh, courageous accessible classical theater (here in modern dress with various 21st century props, and a multimedia vision), and this inventive , funny, and thought-provoking "Hamlet," starring company artistic director Ty Boice, does just that, with extra energy thrown in...Boice may be a strong presence, but he's surrounded by a powerful cast...and Hadley Boyd as Gertrude gives a stellar, no-frills performance, proving that less is more."

Baby With the Bathwater

Review by Alaine MacGivillary, The Scotsman (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

...Onto the scene comes Nanny, who takes charge. Hadley Boyd gives an excellent performance as Nanny, who has some of the best lines and delivers them with great panache...Clever, contemporary and extremely amusing, this one is worth catching.

Oh, the Humanity

Review by Marty Hughley, The Oregonian

...Hadley Boyd, however, finds an effective way to deliver the heartbreaking joke, the whimsy of dangling over the void. In "Enter the Spokeswoman, Gently," as an airline employee handling the awkward post-crash press conference, she flits between trepidation and cheeriness, somehow settling into an oddly optimistic resignation. In the title segment, "Oh, the Humanity," Boyd plays a woman stuck en route to a christening (or, possibly, a funeral) and makes Eno’s predilection for lists of random observations and questions sound like the language of free-floating anxiety.

Rest Upon the Wind

Review by Katie Naka, Theater Blogger

...a show that features a diverse cast of actors playing fully realized, complicated characters who actively fight against discrimination and stereotypes.)... Also prominently featured in the play is the somewhat mysterious relationship Gibran shared with his benefactor, patron, sometimes muse, and possibly romantic partner: high society mainstay and headmistress Mary Haskell (portrayed with skill by Hadley Boyd).