Hi! Thank you for checking out my website. As someone who loves to entertain, I encourage you to make a cup of tea and have a feet up while you're here. I'd be curious to hear about your day and mine the interesting bits to discover what they say about your character, your life and the world you live in.

Maybe because I'm the youngest in a very raucous family of five, but listening and observing have always been my natural bent. When I was little, people used to call me 'Happy,' because I never talked, but I was always smiling. As far back as I can remember strangers have felt very comfortable telling me about themselves.

My parents and teachers assumed these qualities would turn me into a writer and they were partly right - I love to create short fiction and have published several stories in literary magazines around the country, but I also love to perform.

By the time I got to college, this latent desire to act was so strong I was cast in every character role I could find. I was the queen of Christopher Durang and even performed as The Nanny/Kate/The Principal in Baby With the Bathwater at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland.

Prior to that, I studied classical drama at The British American Drama Academy in London, and at The Shakespeare Theater in Washington, D.C. There I discovered, beyond comedy, that I loved any role where I could really turn the jets on. I've relished playing Shakespeare's royalty, as well as Will Eno's lonely souls and Lanford Wilson's troubled daughters. If you're curious, please check out the press page on my site to read some fun reviews from all over the world.

My on-camera work includes a cross-section of doctors, psychiatrists, professors, political activists and scary moms, this last character type being not at all true to life. I have two boys and, believe me, they aren't the least bit afraid of their mother.

When I'm not working on other people's scripts, I'm writing my own. I recently wrote, acted in and produced the first of what I hope will be many webisodes. One of my favorite authors is Alice Munro and someone once said of her work that she tells the secret story of women's lives. I hope to do the same with my webseries, I'm now calling Women's Work. The link to the first episode is included here.

Hey, thanks for dropping in. Please check back for updates, including new episodes of Women's Work. If you'd like to get in touch, please email me at this address.

Tally ho'!